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Please note:

  • Please do not email any concerns about creatures in need of help, as we no longer regularly monitor or have time to respond to emails.

  • If you have a creature that is injured, we recommend that you line a cardboard box with newspaper and kitchen roll, place the creature in the box, and take to your nearest vet. Injured wildlife should always be seen by a vet, who should not charge for this, as they have a duty of care for injured wildlife. You are also welcome to call us on 01884 839265 for advice, but please bear in mind that we are funded purely by donations, so we kindly ask that you make a donation for advice (click the link to the right) in appreciation of our time.

  • If you have found a hedgehog out in the evening, you might be concerned due popular wildlife TV programmes giving advice about hedgehogs being in hibernation from October onwards. In Devon (where we are) this is less relevant due to the warmer climate – its perfectly normal to see a hedgehog doing its thing even on frosty nights. However if you find a hedgehog wandering about in daytime, then this indicates that there may be a problem. These could be taken to vets who can then assess the hedgehogs health concerns, and will hopefully pass them on to local hedgehog carers. We are currently at maximum capacity with hedgehog care, so cannot take more on. Please also visit the British Hedgehog Preservation Society website, as well as their care guide for hedgehogs.